Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower and uplift parents so that they can provide the love, acceptance, and support that their children need to thrive. We believe that every child deserves to be valued for who they are, and we are dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive community where parents can find the resources, guidance, and understanding they need to support their children's unique journey. Through education, advocacy, and community-building, we aim to promote acceptance, understanding, and respect for all transgender individuals and their families. We are committed to working towards a world where every child can grow up in a safe and welcoming environment, free from discrimination and stigma. Together, we can create a brighter future for all transgender children and their families.

Our Story

SPOT (Supportive Parents of TransKids) has a rich history rooted in the experiences of parents navigating the path of raising transgender children. Our journey began in 2015 when our founder, Carmen Ybarra, faced the realization that she didn't know anyone who had firsthand experience with parenting a transgender child. Determined to find support, she searched for existing groups but found none in her local community.

Undeterred, Carmen took the courageous step of starting a support group herself. With the support of her boss and a strong determination to make a positive difference, SPOT was born. In those early days, meetings were held every two weeks, providing a safe space for parents to share their stories, ask questions, and find solace in a community of like-minded individuals.

Over time, as Carmen's child prepared for college and attendance fluctuated, the decision was made to put the group on pause. However, the fire of SPOT's mission never dwindled. In 2022, an opportunity arose to revitalize the organization, thanks to a conversation between Carmen and the administrator of the First Congregational Church in Asheville, where the group had previously met. Excitement and renewed energy filled the air as plans were set in motion.

Now, with an expanded knowledge base, experience in facilitation, and a stronger sense of purpose, Carmen is thrilled to relaunch SPOT. The organization's mission remains steadfast: to provide a safe and welcoming space for parents of transgender children to find support, resources, and guidance.

As we embark on this new chapter, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of SPOT. Together, we can build a stronger community, advocate for transgender rights, and create a more inclusive world where every transgender child and their family can thrive.



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